Acryl Aquaclean

Acryl Aquaclean


  • Acryl AquaClean inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi.
  • Acryl AquaClean is compatible in the long term with equipment containing acrylic glass and aluminium materials.
  • Acryl AquaClean does not contain azides or aldehydes.


  • Add 5 ml of Acryl AquaClean to 1 litre of heating bath liquid.
  • Renew liquid and additive every 4 weeks. The blue colour of the fluid has faded, renew earlier.
  • Compatible for use as an additive in water reservoirs within cell culture incubators. (Its non-volatile active ingredients cannot invade cell cultures through the air.)

Chemical ingredients: Ketones, surfactants.

Health hazard data

  • Slightly irritating to the skin.
  • Irritating to eyes or mucous membranes.
  • Skin Contact: Promptly wash skin with mild soap and water.
  • Contact with eyes or mucous membranes: rinse abundantly with water for 15 minutes. Contact a doctor.
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing to prevent body contact.

Emergency procedures and first aid

  • In case of ingestion: rinse your mouth with water. Contact a doctor.
  • Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.
  • Never make an unconscious person vomit.
  • In case of allergic reactions contact a doctor.

Fire and explosion hazard data: Not flammable. Soluble water.

Steps to Take in Case Material is Released or Spilled

Use absorbent material for disposal. Quench with 12% sodium bisulfite solution and rinse.

Handling instructions

Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Wear protective clothing, gloves and glasses.


Store protected from light at room temperature.

Stability data

During decomposition by heat, very small amounts of HCl, NOx and SO2 may be released.

Toxicological data: Potentially toxic if swallowed.

Waste disposal methods

The 1:200 diluted liquid can be disposed of as greywater.

Transportation requirements: no special instructions

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