Dermatophytoses belong to the most frequent infectious dermatoses in small and large animals, but also in humans (zoonoses).
They are caused by dermatophytes, filamentous fungi that use keratin (skin, hair, claws, and horns) as a carbon source. The vet species.

The most clinically relevant are Trichophyton (T. verrucosum), Nannizzia (N. gipsy [preceding Microsporum gypseum], N. Versicolor [preceding Microsporum Versicolor / Epidermophyton Versicolor / Trichophyton mentagrophytes]) and Microsporum (M. canis).

Besides age and immunosuppression, breeding conditions (especially Persian cats) and maintenance (breeding, animal shelter, hunting dogs, breeding of multiple species), travel, lactation (transmission of infection to puppies) as well as sub-clinical diseases.

The diseases caused by ectoparasites as well as weakened animals, they play a preponderant role in the development of ringworm. A hot and humid climate additionally favour.

The FASTest® D-PHYTE Strip enables rapid detection of a presumptive clinical diagnosis, allowing the veterinarian to clearly identify fast and reliable dermatomycosis and start a specific therapy immediately.

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