Gene Bio-Application L.T.D

Gene Bio-Application L.T.D

Gene Bio-Application Ltd. (GABA) develops and markets unique tools with research applications in molecular biology and medicine. GABA was founded in May 1999 and has since established a range of products based on innovation, quality and reliability, with worldwide sales.

GeBA’s product range continues to expand and focuses on molecular research areas that require fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions. The products are developed, industrialized and manufactured in the GABA Laboratories and marketed throughout the world by a network of distributors. The GABA laboratory also offers customized molecular cloning services.

  • Industries Biotechnology
  • Company size 1 to 10 employees
  • SedeYavne, Israel
  • Type of private ownership
  • Year of foundation 1999
  • Specialties BioMolecular Research, Biotechnology, Electrophoresis, Electroelution, Western Blot and Oligonucleotide Synthesis

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